Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the fees?
A. Early registration fees from December 1st to April 1st is $250 for football and $300 for cheer. After April 1st fees are $275 for football and $325 for cheer. Fees include a refundable $100 deposit contingent upon fundraiser completion and equipment return. 
Q. When are the fees due?
A. The day you register. Fees must be paid before any equipment is handed out.
Q. What is the refund policy?
A. See the following reasons below:
  • Injury during season - No Refund (But still part of team)
  • Change mind prior to July 1st - Total refund - (minus $50.00 per player and a $5 registration fee)
  • Anyone quits after July 1st - NO REFUND (Includes if registered after July 1st)
Q. What are the age and weight groups to play?
A. Below are the age and weight groups: 
League Age Determined by Age of Player on September 1st, 2019

Mighty Mites
(Rookie 8 on 8)

7 Years Old & Younger 75 lbs. Max Weight - 87 lbs. Striper (No Slide Downs)
(Modified Rules)
9 Years Old & Younger 90 lbs. Max Weight - 102 lbs. Striper (No Slide Downs)
(5 lbs. weight allowance for each year younger than 9 years old)
Pee-Wees 11 Years Old & Younger

11 yr Old 100 lbs. Max
10 year old 115 lbs. Max
9 year old 120 lbs. Max
8 year old 125 lbs. Max
7 year old 130 lbs. Max

Junior Varsity 12 Years Old & Younger

12 year old 130 lbs. Max
11 year old 135 lbs. Max
10 year old 140 lbs. Max
13 yr Old Slide Down 105 (with organization and league approval)

Varsity 14 Years Old & Younger

13/14 year old 175 lbs. Max
12 year old 180 lbs. Max
11 year old 185 lbs. Max
Striper up to 200 lbs. Max
(Cannot be 15 yrs old Before Dec 1st)

Q. When is equipment pick up?
A. The second and third weeks of July.
Q. How do I know when and where to pick up the equipment?
A. You will get a call on the date and time. If no call by July 15th, call Jason Hampton at: (815) 671-7951
Q. What equipment do I need to buy?
A. All neccessary gear is provided except for shoes. The boys will receive helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants with pads, girdle with pads, game jersey, & game pants.
Q. What kind of shoes do I purchase?
A. Football players should buy rubber molded cleats. Not the screw on cleats.
Q. Can we keep the game and practice jerseys?
A. Practice jerseys must be returned. Game jerseys are yours to keep.
Q. When I sign-up my son for football can I sign up my daughter for cheerleading?
A. Yes
Q. Does everyone get a trophy at the end of the season?
A. Every child that finishes will get a nice trophy at the banquet at the end of the season.
Q. Who were the 2019 Raffle ticket winners?


1ST-Taibat Adesina

2ND-Brandon Tucker

3RD -Raphael Jackson, Netta Woods, Joseph Brown.

Thank you again for your participation and support!