Team 24/7 Leagues

Since 2011, Team 24/7 Lacrosse has operated the fastest offseason lacrosse leagues in Charlotte, the Charlotte Fall Lacrosse League (“CFLL”) and Charlotte Winter Lacrosse League (“CWLL”). 

We call these leagues the fastest in the area because the play on the field really is. All of our leagues use a 7v7 format with 2 attackman, 2, midfielders, 2 defenseman and a goaltender. The 7v7 format on a smaller field means that players are getting more opportunities to touch the ball. It means more opportunities to play offense and defense and less time watching. All teams in the CFLL and the CWLL are capped at 14 players so that each player has opportunities to get on the field. 

Our focus is always on developing the athlete. More opportunities to play offense and defense lead to more opportunities to learn and develop. That is why we love the 7v7 format.