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Eagle River Feb 8-10

Date Posted: 1/13/2013













Labatt Blue/USA Hockey
Pond Hockey National Championships Feb. 8-10, 2013


 If you have questions, please contact me at 630-450-2242.


COED NOVICE:  (Money$hot)

C., Steve Registered Jul 18, 2012  Treehouse Village on Voyageur Lake, PULLOUT SOFA
J., RJ Registered Jul 18, 2012  Treehouse Village on Voyageur Lake, SHARE BEDROOM w/Josh
L., Maria Registered May 9, 2012  Main House TWIN in twin room w/ Amy
H., Josh Registered Jul 18, 2012  Treehouse Village on Voyageur Lake, SHARE BEDROOM w/RJ
R., Andrea Registered Jul 16, 2012  Main House AEROBED in MBrm (Marcy, Michelle in the qn bed)
Z., Nicole Registered Apr 2, 2012  Main House TWIN in Bunk Rm w/Amanda, Robin, Holly
S., Vince Registered Jul16, 2012  Treehouse Village on Voyageur Lake, SHARE BEDROOM w/Sneezy

WOMENS BRONZE:  (Checkahoes)
L., Marcy Registered May 1, 2012  Main House SHARE QN BED w/Michelle in MBrm (Juliet, Andrea on aerobeds)
M., Amanda Registered May 15, 2012  Main house TWIN in Bunk Rm w/Nicole, Robin, Holly
J., Juliet Registered July 7, 2012  Main House AEROBED in MBrm (Marcy, Michelle in qn bed)
K., Lulu registered Dec 13, 2012  HOTEL with husband Brian
B., Holly registered Mar 31, 2012  Main House TWIN in Bunk Rm w/Amanda, Nicole, Robin
S., Robin Registered Apr 14, 2012  Main House TWIN in Bunk Rm w/Amanda, Nicole, Holly

B., Amy Registered Mar 31, 2012  Main House TWIN in twin room w/ Maria

WOMENS BEGINNER:  (Checkahoes)

L., Emily Registered Mar 31, 2012  SHARE QUEEN BEDROOM w/Mary M.
H., Emily Registered Nov 23, 2012  ROLLAWAY IN FAMILY ROOM IN MAIN HOUSE
H., Cindy Registered Apr 1, 2012 SHARE QUEEN BEDROOM w/Val  
W., Michelle Registered Apr 17, 2012  Main House SHARE QN BED w/Marcy in MBrm (Juliet, Andrea on aerobeds)
M., Mary Registered Mar 31, 2012  SHARE QUEEN BEDROOM w/Emily L.

C., Valarie Registered Apr 17, 2012  SHARE QUEEN BEDROOM with Cindy










 ____________Rag Hag -- extra pack pads & tampons
 ____VAL___  Paper Doll -- 24 rolls Scott toilet paper, 250 paper plates, forks/spoons

____AMY_____Paper Doll – CONTRACTOR garbage bags, cloth hand towels, sponges, paper towels
____________Java the Slut -- large can coffee, filters, 2 gallons milk
____________Baked Hoe – brownies, cookies, snacks?
____________Drug Hoe – bottle of aspirin, Nyquil, decongestants, 2 boxes tissues

____________Booze Bitch – cooler & booze
___________  Booze Bitch – cooler & booze
 ___________ Tunes Hoe – CDs, Ipod, boombox?
___________  Laundry Wench – detergent sheets and collapsible laundry basket.

(Breakfast must serve 21. Lunch/dinner must serve 25)
Thursday/DINNER: Annalise will bake a lasagna with tossed salad and rolls
Friday/BREAKFAST: Nicole Zeno
Friday /LUNCH: Drunken Beef
Friday POND SNACKS: RJ & Josh (pre-made PB&Js)
Friday/DINNER: Maria (chili, soup, big sammies.)
Saturday/BREAKFAST Michelle (pancakes, baked goods)
Saturday/LUNCH + POND SNACKS: Amy & Robin
Saturday/DINNER: Vince & Sneezy, (+ Maria's leftovers, potluck, burnt pizza, etc.)
Sunday/BREAKFAST On Your Own + cleanup + debark



HOE HOUSE: 1587 Silver Lake Road

Room Assignments:
Bedroom #1 w/Queen + full Bathroom Michelle, Marcy in the bed.  (Andrea & Juliet on twin aerobeds in this room.) 
Bedroom #2 w/Queen: Mary, Emily L. 
Bedroom #3 w/Queen: Cindy, Val

Bedroom #4 w/ two bunk beds (4 twin beds) Robin, Nicole Z, Amanda, Holly
Bedroom #5 (2) twins – Maria, Amy 

Rollaways #1 and #2 in family room: Dawn, Emily H. 














Two bedroom condo at Treehouse Village -- RJ & Josh (bedroom), Vince & Sneezy (Bedroom), Steve (pullout couch downstairs).  

Treehouse is on Voyageur Lake, 715-479-7483,

Directions:  Located in the Lake Forest Recreation Area, Three miles east of Eagle River Wisconsin on Hwy 70, Left on Rangeline Road. Follow the signs for the Lake Forest Recreation Area and Treehouse Village Reception Area.


You guys will be on your own for dinner unless you come to the house.  RJ, Josh, please bring PB&Js to the pond on Friday though ;)
































__WARM BOOTS.  Not dress boots!  Boots that will keep your feet warm while standing on a frozen pond.  You will also be walking about a mile to the pond, with your gear.  Wear good solid boots. 

__DUFFEL BAG.  You don't need to bring your entire hockey bag but you DO need a canvas bag to carry your pond gear to/from the truck.  

__SLED.  If you have a sled, bring it.  Makes life easier.

__HAND & FOOT WARMERS.  You will need these.  Make sure they're in a big Ziploc and you can find them easily.  

__EMERGENCY BLANKET.  I am talking about a foldable wind-proof blanket that you can use as a spectator or while waiting on the sidelines. 

__SMALL FOLDING CAMPSTOOL.  These are very lightweight and can fit in the bottom of your bag.  This and a wind blanket will save your ass if temps drop.  

__SNACKS.  A Ziploc of granola bars and some nuts.   
__ID for check in & souvenir jersey pick-up. No ID = no play. This is an over-21 tournament.
__Cell phone w/ team phone numbers
__2 towels
__Duffel or tote bag to carry gear to pond
__Boots, coat, hat, gloves, polypropylene glove & sock liners (“Wick-dry” is fabric to look for)
__Polypropylene set of long johns (“Polarmax” is the fabric to look for)
__4 prs Smartwool socks
__Polypropylene skull cap or a beanie that covers ears for under your helmet (“Ninja hat”)
__Neoprene or polypro face mask or a Balaclava to cover chin & nose
__Skates, hard skate guards, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, shin pads, stick
__Team Jersey & Socks.
__Door hook to hang your coat and gear (closets will fill up.)
__Contractor bag (to slip hockey bag in for smelly ride home) & zipper padlock to secure duffel bag.
__Lip Balm
__Thermos for bringing hot liquids to the pond (soup, hot chocolate, etc.)

TEAM Pack List:
CHECKAHOES BEGINNER:  2 cases Hand & Foot Warmers ____
CHECKAHOES BRONZE: 2 cases Hand & Foot Warmers _____
M$: 2 cases Hand & Foot Warmers ______

CARPOOLS - email driver to get/confirm a ride.  Drivers, please confirm departure time/place so I can list it here.

Passengers, please click on the email links to confirm with your driver that your ass has a seat and your sh** can fit. 



Carpool #1:  Maria's truck.  STEVE, JULIET, NICOLE Z.

Time/Place of Departure:  noon, 24039 Brancaster Dr. Naperville. 


Carpool #2: Marcy.  Robin.
Time/Place of Departure:  



Carpool #3:  Josh, RJ
Time/Place of Departure:  


Carpool #4: Sneezy, Vince
Time/Place of Departure:  


Carpool #5:
Time/Place of Departure: 



Carpool #6:

Time/Place of Departure: 













10 Commandants of Pond Hockey




1. No cotton or polyester/cotton blends next to your skin. This includes underwear and socks. Polypropylene longjohns are
excellent because they wick moisture from your skin but keep you insulated at the same time. Because cotton doesn't wick perspiration away from your skin, it quickly becomes moist and cold in cold weather, leading to rapid loss of body heat. Cotton’s great for hot weather but it will contribute to hypothermia in cold conditions.




2. Dress in layers.  Many thin garments with lots of dead air between layers to trap heat are better than a few thick ones.




Wool/polypropylene or polypropylene longjohns. (Longsleeve top & bottoms.)




Polypropylene sock liners and wool socks (one or two pairs.)




Remember -- DO NOT lace your skates tight.




Hockey Girdle or Hockey Pants that will protect your hips and tailbone.




Snowboard pants with a polyester/spandex ratio of at least 3:1




Layering Jacket – these are usually thin, of poly/spandex, and hold in warmth.




Padded shirt or shoulder pads




Hockey Jersey




Down parka (rated to -40 degrees) or a reflective blanket when you are stationary.




Balaclava or a neoprene face mask




Beanie for helmet that covers your ears and polypropylene gloves for inside hockey gloves




3. Know When to Quit in the Cold. If you become wet, immediately change into dry clothes and seek warm shelter. If you feel cold, it's because you ARE cold and your core body temperature is falling. When this happens, the brain redirects blood away from the extremities to the vital organs, and the feet and hands become cold and the heaviest boots and gloves won't help you feel much warmer. Only adding layers and drinking something hot will speed recovery.




4. Don't forget your head. An uncovered head rapidly radiates body heat away.




5. Always remember to take the liners out of your boots and skates to allow them to dry out between games.




6. Keep well hydrated but avoid caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic and reduces blood volume, making it more difficult for the body to maintain a normal temperature.




7. Cold conditions are often very dry conditions. Use lip balm and Vaseline on your cheeks and nose.




8. Chemical hand warmers are excellent items to have, but aren't substitutes for wearing layers.




9. Eat well. Keeping warm in freezing temperatures requires the body to burn calories at a great rate. High-carbohydrate snacks will stoke the fire between games. A thermos of hot soup can really make the difference between an enjoyable day on the pond and a cold and miserable one.




10. Avoid over-tightening skates. Even with a couple of pairs of wool socks on, your feet will still get cold if you've cut off the circulation to them by squeezing them into skates that are too small to accommodate the extra socks.




Don’t over-tighten skates or boots




Wear a skull cap under your helmet




Wear long underwear and many layers of clothing




Use Vaseline or other protective grease on your face




Wear polypropylene liners under your gloves




Bring parkas and jackets to the pond/wear them when not playing




Wear face protection (Balaclavas)




Keep moving


Arrive on ice prepared to play.



This woman is not a Ninja... who's gonna be in charge of GeeO's sign?




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