Club Honors

2015 Accomplishments
  • 2015 ODP Training Pools
    • 2000 Boys: Carson Guest, Jeff Gulish, Brandon Trio
    • 2001 Boys: Addison Guild, Grayson Tanner, Mark Walsh, Jacob Ellis
    • 2000 Girls: Trinity Denizard, Mykala Pless
    • 2001 Girls: Eveleen Hahn, Kalee Warluft, Hannah Sills
2014 Accomplishments
  • June 2014 Wilson, NC ODP Tournament
    • 2002/03 Girls Attending- Zoe Kennedy, Abigail Ross
    • 2002/03 Boys Attending - Addison Guild, Andrew Haliberg, Grayson Tanner
  • Congratulations to players attending Barcelona Camp in Spain
2013 Accomplishments
  • Isaiah Reid attends the National ID Camp in Greensboro, NC
  • Former DSC player Ross Lordo, SCYSA Male Youth Referee of the Year
  • Sebastian Mitchell attends training camp with the Manchester City FC, England

Congratulations to current and former DSC players who attended the Region 3 ODP Camp in Alabama in July

  • 00 team -Carson Guest, Avery Funderburk
  • 99 team - Garrett Beard, Connor Hall, Ian Seren
  • 98 team - Keith Hammock, Elliot Schaffner, Numera Sturgeon
  • 96 team - Chase Perrin, 96 alternate- Reid Ferguson
  • 98 girls- Alternate- Kaylee Moss
  • 01/02 pool team- Hannah Sills

Congratulations to Coaches Patrick Mitrovich and Lewis Berry for their work all year with the ODP goal keepers.

Congratulations to former and current DSC Players on their selection to the 2013 All Region and All State Teams. The impressive list of players shows their commitment to soccer all year round. Great job!

Girls Region 3 4A All Region Team Selections

  • Northwestern: Whitney Hunt, Cara Pennington, Lauren Watts, Madeline Ramsey, Helena Moore
  • Fort Mill: Bailey Rich
  • Nation Ford: Emma Schearer
  • Lancaster: Francis Whitesides
  • South Pointe: Cameron Davis
  • Rock Hill: Madison Norman
  • York Comprehensive: Elena Patrick

Player of the Year: Lauren Watts – Northwestern High School

Coach of the Year: Cesar Robles – Northwestern High School

Boys Region 3 All Region Teams

  • Northwestern: Patrick Radd, Julian Welborn, Austin Newman, Erwin Salazar, Connor Moore
  • South Pointe: Josh Reid, Cody Rebh
  • Rock Hill: Charles Coulson, Pablo Arzaluz
  • Nation Ford: David Parks, Wyatt Knox
  • Fort Mill: David Allmendinger, Jason Hirsch, Hunter Stricklin
  • Clover Pierce Sutton
  • York Comprehensive: Buddy Anderson
  • Lancaster: Jaden Driggers

Player of the Year: Austin Newman – Northwestern High School

Coach of the Year: Dominic Wren – Northwestern High School

Boys 3A All State Team Selections

  • Northwestern: Austin Newman, Julian Welborn
  • Rock Hill: Pablo Arzaluz
  • Fort Mill: Jason Hirsh
  • Spantanburg: Ralph Polson

Region 2A


  • Nick Retter
  • Anthony Cutrone
  • Trevor Hoxworth
  • Will Medlock


  • Nick Retter
  • Anthony Cutrone

Congratulations to DSC players selected by the AS Roma Youth Program. An AS Roma ID Event was held the weekend of our Ray Thompsett Invational tournament, March 23, 2013. Of 60 players who attended, 14 were identified, 7 from DSC. Each player will receive a full AS Roma training kit and begin training with AS Roma staff over the late spring and run all year round. We are very proud of these players and congratulate them on their hard work and efforts.

  • Miguel Alvarez
  • Ryan Alexander
  • Nicholas Parker
  • Sebastian Mitchell
  • Isaiah Reid
  • Carson Guest
  • Avery Funderburk


2012 Accomplishments

Congratulations and good luck to the following players who are attending the Region 3 ODP Camps

  • '99 Boys-Garrett Beard, William Hall, James Hooten
  • '98 Boys- SC 1-Caleb Costner, Garrett Gerdes, SC2- Parker Largen, Loughan Welborn
  • '97 Boys- Baily Bottini, Geoffrey Liskoff, Erwin Salazar, Alan Taylorson, Nick Tourville
  • '96 Boys- Wyatt Knox, Peyton Marion. Alternate- Everett Dawsey
  • '96 Girls- Frances Whitesides

ODP Sub Regionals
Boys-January 7-8 in Winston- Salem

  • 95- Ralph Polson
  • 96- Andrew Raad, Wyatt Knox, Peyton Marion. Alt- Everett Dawsey
  • 97 pool-Bailey Bottini, Parker Hooten, Garrett McFadden, Geof Liskoff, Alan Taylorson, Erwiin Salazar, Nick Tourville
  • 98 pool-Logan Welborn
  • 99 pool-Garrett Beard, Robert Blaschke, William Hall, James Hooten, Andres Vite, David Walsh, Sean Walsh, David Wynn

Girls- January 7-8 in Gainsville, GA

  • 96-Shelley Restificar, Frances Whitesides
  • 97-Alt- Sierra Hartman
  • 98- Emily Russell, Grayson Chappell


 2011-2012 Accomplishments
  • Andrew Raad selected to the 96 Regional ODP Team.  Andrew attended several Regional tournaments representing South Carolina. Andrew Raad Selected to Participate in the US Youth Soccer ODP Interregional Winter Games in Bradenton Fl. in January 2012.
  • Lauren Watts: selected by SCYSA as the Youth Referee of the year! Lauren was also selected by DSC as Female Player of the Year.
  • DSC had 26 players selected to ODP  Region 3 Camp and January Subregionals.


2010-2011 Accomplishments
  • Caleb Moore named to the U14 National Men's Team.  Caleb also attended the National Team Camp and other Regional ODP events such as the U14 Training camp in Guadalajara , Mexico in January 2011. Caleb was named #1 in the South Atlantic region by for those graduating in 2015. Caleb had an outstanding weekend with the U14 MNT at the Fall Interregional at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Fl. Nov. 26-28, 2010.
  • Andrew Raad named to the 96 Regional ODP Team. Andrew attended several Regional tournaments and events during the year including the ODP Costa Rica Tour.  Andrew was named by TopDrawSoccer as the #11 player in the South tlantic ARegion for his graduating year 2014. Andrew was named by US Youth Soccer to the All Star Team from the Fall Interregional at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Fl. Nov. 26-28, 2010. The 18-man roster for the 1996 and 1997 Older and Younger All-Star Teams were selected based on their outstanding performance during the annual interregional event.
  • Several Players attended ODP Region Camp in July 2011-97 Boys Caleb Moore 96-Jonathan Cutrone, Andrew Raad, TK Abderahman, 95 Julian Welborn
  •  DSC had a record 38 players named to ODP teams that participated in the January 2011 Sub Regionals events.

2010 NSCAA Awards held in January 2011:

2010 NSCAA/Performance Subaru Men's NCAA Division I All-America Team - Third Team: Enzo Martinez, North Carolina

2010 NSCAA/Performance Subaru Men’s Junior College All-America Teams - Second Team: Sebastian Velasquez, Spartanburg Methodist College

2010 NSCAA/Performance Subaru Men's NCAA Division I, All-South - First Team: Enzo Martinez, North Carolina

2010 NSCAA/Performance Subaru Men's Division I, Junior College, All-South

  • First Team: Sebastian Velasquez, Spartanburg Methodist College
  • Second Team: Christian Bono, Spartanburg Methodist College

2010 NSCAA Boys High School All-America Team - Alex Martinez, Northwestern High School

2010 NSCAA High School All-Region South - Alex Martinez, Dennis Moore, Northwestern High School


Coach and Player 2009-2010 Accomplishments

Congratulations to the following Discoveries Soccer Club teams for their tremendous accomplishments on the field.

Email us if you have an accomplishment to add to the website!


Team Event Result
00 Green 2014 Promoted to Region 3- Spring 2015  
00 Green 2014 SCYSA Fall Challenge League  1st Place
98 Green 2014 SCYSA Bob Brantley Challenge Cup Finalist
98 Green 2014 Promoted to Region 3 Premier League  
98 Green 2013 SCYSA Challenge League 1st Place
98 White 2013 Publix Presidents Medal Cup Champion
99 White 2012 SCYSA Academy Cup-red division Finalist
95 Green 2011 SCYSA State U16 Challenge Cup Semi-Finalist
95 Green Prem Participation in the 2011-12 National League  
98 Green 2011 SCYSA Academy Cup- red division Champion
00 Green 2011 SCYSA Academy Cup- red division Finalist
95 Green 2010-11 SCYSA State U15 Challenge Cup Finalist
96 Green 2009-10 SCYSA State U13 Classic 1 Cup Champion
95 Green 2009-10 SCYSA State 14 Challenge Cup Semi-Finalist
95 White 2009-10 SCYSA State U14 Classic 2 Cup Finalist
93 Green 2009-10 SCYSA U16 Classic 1 Cup Champion
90 Green 2009 U18 USYS National Championshihp Champion
90 Green 2009 U18 USYS Southern Regional Tournament Champion
90 Green 2009 U18 SCYSA Challenge State Cup Champion
91 Green 2009-10 U17 SCYSA Challenge Cup Quarterfinalist
90 Green 2008-09 SCYSA Challenge State Cup Champion
91 Green 2008-09 SCSCL League Champion
95 White 2007-08 Sandlapper U12 Blue Division Champion
95 Green 2007-08 Sandlapper U12 Red Division Champion
90 Green 2006-07 SCYSA State Challenge Cup Champion
90 Green 2007-08 SCYSA Challenge State Cup Champion
90 Green 2007-08 USYS Southern Regional Tournament Quarterfinalist
87 White 2005 State Classic Cup Finalist
01 Lady Green 2014 Promoted to Region 3- Spring 2015  
01 Lady Green 2014 Fall SCYSA Challenge League 2nd place
00 Lady Green 2014 Publix Presidents Medal Cup Champion
98 Lady Green 2013 Publix Presidents Medal Cup Champion
99 Lady Green 2012 SCYSA Academy Cup-Blue division Champion
94 Lady Green 2011 SCYSA State U17 Challenge Cup Semi-Finalist
95 Lady Green 2010-11 PMSL U15 Classic Cup Finalist
90 Lady Green 2008-09 PMSL Classic 1 Champion
88 Lady Green 2006 State Classic Cup Champion