College Planning

Charlotte United is pleased to support our players with the tools and support necessary to play at the next level - college!  We will continue adding information to this area of our website, so come back on a regular basis!

Charlotte United College Planning Contacts
Young Men Daniel Ridenhour Email!
Young Women Katie Talbert Email!


Planning Tools & Information
Recruiting Process Broken down by high school year, this is essential information to review to set a tone for the Recruiting Process.
Player Profile

This Word document should be filled out by the player during the summer before their Junior year and maintained throughout their high school playing career.  Please provide updated Profiles to the appropriate Charlotte United College Planning contact above.

College References This area focuses on college governing body resources, including NCAA, NCAA Clearinghouse, NAIA, NJCAA & NCCAA.  All players wishing to play at an NCAA school are REQUIRED to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse!
Recruiting Terms Important terms to understand - they will help immeasurably!
Questions to Ask Check out this comprehensive list of questions to ask yourself, as well as college coaches!
What It Takes To Play In College? This is a wonderful article published by Gerald Guerrieri, the Head Soccer Coach at Texas A&M University.  It's a must read!