Recruiting Terms

Following are some important recruiting terms to be familiar with!

Unofficial Visit:
Any visit by you or parents to a college campus paid for by you or your parents. Only expense you may receive from college is 3 complementary admissions to home athletic contest. You may make as many visits as you like and can take them at any time.

Official Visit:
Any visit to a college campus by you and your parents paid for by the college. The college may pay for the following expenses.

  1. Transportation to and from college
  2. Room & meals while visiting college
  3. Reasonable entertainment expenses including the 3 complimentary admissions to a home athletics contest
  4. Before a college can have you on the college official visit you will have to provide them with High school transcript, Test scores (SAT or ACT or PLAN ) and proof of registration of the NCAA clearing house.

Contact occurs any time a coach has any face to face contact with you or your parents off college campus and says more than hello. A contact also occurs if a coach has any contact with you or your parents at your HS or any location of where you or practice or competition. Keep in mind the coach is not permitted to speak with you or your parents during a tournament until after your last game and you have been released by your coach.

Verbal Commitment:
You verbally told a college coach that you will play for them and attend their school. This is not legally binding but as it is ethically. This does not mean for you to stop becoming better. As you want a coach to make a commitment to you, a coach wants that in return.