Questions to Ask

Questions for yourself and the University/College:

  1. Does the University have my major?
  2. How many students are at the University?
  3. How many kids are on the team?
  4. Of what value is the soccer program to the athletic department?
  5. If I play here will I travel right away?
  6. Is weight training part of the program? If so what kind?
  7. If I am injured and can not play do you take my scholarship away?
  8. What is average grade point of women’s soccer team?
  9. How serious is spring training?
  10. After season is there time off and how long?
  11. If I am not on scholarship or a little bit of scholarship is there room for an increase/improvement
  12. Academic services? Tutor?
  13. Do you have mandatory study hall for freshman year?
  14. If coach leaves would I stay?
  15. Would you choose this college if you were not a soccer player?
  16. What do you foresee my role on this team?