Recreational Soccer

Charlotte United is proud to be affiliated with organizations providing wonderful recreational soccer programs – Charlotte Junior Soccer Foundation and Harris YMCA. Below is information on Recreational soccer:

Objectives: To have fun while learning more about the basic skills of soccer (passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting) and sportsmanship, while developing long-lasting friendships with other children and parents.

Age Groups/Gender: Recreational soccer is generally available to children ages U5 – U15 (the U stands for under an age as of 8/1 of a given year – Example: Your child would be considered U7 if they are six as of 7/31). At certain ages, some teams may be (are) coed: at other ages they are boys only or girls only. Teams are grouped into divisions based on age.

Team Selection: Teams at each age are selected via a draft system with a focus on keeping teams equal across an age group.

Seasons: Typically there is a Fall season and a separate Spring season. Players are free to sign-up for the Fall season, the Spring season or both seasons.

Competitive Level: The competitive level is low, with a focus on teaching certain basic skills and sportsmanship. While scores/wins & losses might be kept, the focus is clearly on developing a love for the beautiful game.

Coaching: Recreational coaches are generally parents who volunteer to coach. Most will have some soccer knowledge with some having coaching licenses. Others do not have soccer coaching experience, but are eager to learn and teach soccer. As volunteers, they do the best they can and should be congratulated for volunteering to teach your child.

Training: Practices and/or training sessions are generally held once per week with a focus on developing core soccer skills (dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting). While positional play might be taught (example goalkeeping, defending), it is kept to a minimum.

Games: There is generally one game per weekend contingent upon the recreation organization. All games are played against other teams within the same organization or, in some older age groups, against other recreational teams in the city.

Travel: Games and practices are usually held at the same location.

Financial Commitment: The least expensive of the three levels of play. Each recreational program sets their own fees.

Learn More: Please contact our affiliated organizations to learn more about their specific recreational programs – Charlotte Junior Soccer and Harris YMCA.

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