Rules of Play

Beach Junior Tournaments

are designed to be:

  • Player administrated – NO COACHES –
    1. Parents are not allowed to officiate.
    2. Parents are encouraged to provide positive input.

For a complete set of Beach Volleyball rules please click here.


  1. Games begin by deciding serve and side. Serve and side can be determined by a coin toss, rock-paper-scissors, or other variations.
  2. When serving, a player may toss the ball only once.
  3. When receiving a serve, players must "bump" the ball, or receive with hands together. Players may not take the serve with open hands, double contact, or lift.
    1. A "down ball" may be taken as a double contact without a violation.
    2. A "free ball" should be taken as a bump. If taken with the hands, it must be clean (No double contact. This contact can be judged similar to the "set" or second contact)
  4. When setting, a player must be facing the way the ball travels - i.e. a player may set a ball forward or backward, but may not set a ball over the shoulder to the side. If wind redirects the ball, this is not a violation.
  5. When hitting, players may not open hand dink, or "redirect" the ball with the fingers. The hand must be closed or a "roll shot" can be used.
    1. Beach courts do not have a centerline. Players can go under the net, as long as they do not interfere with play on the other side.
  6. When blocking, if the block contacts the ball, it counts as a contact. The team then has two more contacts to put the ball over the net.
    1. The blocking player may play the ball up after blocking, i.e. take both first and second contacts (same as indoor).
  7. When refereeing, the team officiating duties are lined out in the tournament format. Parents are not allowed to officiate (or keep official score).
    1. Primary Player Referee Duties:
      1. Keep score
      2. Record results in pool sheet
      3. Help with serving order
      4. Help settle disputes (playing teams should call their own violations, and call out the score).
  8. Any competition disputes are first settled between the teams, then to the referee, if the dispute is not solved, then the teams should ask a tournament official at the tent.
  9. Court Dimensions: 8 meters by 8 meters per side, for all age divisions.
Net Heights
20:U 18:U 16:U 14:U 12:U 10:U
8' 8' 8' 7' 4" 7' 7'
20:U 18:U 16:U 14:U 12:U 10:U
7' 4" 7' 4" 7' 4" 7' 4" 7' 7'


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