Dan’s Advice – Early PSA Testing!

As a result of an elevated PSA testdone as part of a routine physical exam, my family doctor recommended that I see an urologist. At 47 years old, with no family history of cancer, feeling pretty healthy as well as having no symptoms of prostate cancer, I thought my chances of having prostate cancer were slim. I put off the visit to the urologist!

Fast forward three months - I decided to stop by the Haverford School to see Garden City High School (my Alma Mater) play in the Checking for Cancer Tournament. Somehow, standing on the sidelines wearing a tournament wristband, reviewing the program, and scanning the cancer literature being circulated, I experienced a wake-up call to have my elevated PSA level checked. That subsequent visit to the urologist resulted in an even higher PSA level followed by a prostate biopsy that indicated prostate cancer.

After much reading and research, I met with several prostate cancer surgeons at various major cancer hospitals, each of whom confirmed my diagnosis of prostate cancer. This led me to schedule and have prostate surgery (Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy) in December 2009.

Now knowing far more than I ever expected to know about prostate cancer, the good news is that if caught early, there is an extremely high cure rate. With prostate surgery behind me and my first normal range PSA level result, I feel great and have returned to relatively normal activity. Unchanged I am not. I consider myself very lucky. I am more conscious of dietary intake, physical activity levels, and the manner in which I manage stress.

I naturally owe a great deal of thanks to my family doctor, who chose to order a PSA test with my blood work prior to my turning 50 years old. I’m also grateful that John Nostrant chose to organize this lacrosse tournament in hopes of touching people like me. I am proof that Checking for Cancer at an early age works. It worked, John ? my family and I thank you and keep up the good work!

Dan Gallagher



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