FAQs about CVYSA Speed and Agility Training:

Speed & Agility Training
When does the Speed and Agility training sessions start?
The 6-week Speed (Lite) and Agility season will start February 19th and ends March 28th. The 10-week (Full) Speed and Agility season will begin February 19th and ends April 24th.
What is the difference between the 6-week and 10-week Speed and Agility sessions?
The 10-week season is a longer class that allows for more opportunities to improve individual results compared to the 6-week season.
How many times a week will the sessions be conducted?
There will be 2 sessions a week with one session to be completed independently.
What days will the sessions take place?
The sessions will be conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
How long will the sessions be?
The sessions will be 45 – 60 minutes in length.
What time will the sessions begin?
The sessions will begin at 4:30 and end at 5:30.
Will the sessions be inside or outside, and where?
The sessions will take place outside at Neill Clark Recreational Park. In the event the session is rained out, we have made arrangements to go indoors at an alternate site.
What kind of shoes do the kids need to wear?
Players will need to bring their cleats and athletic training shoes.
Do the players need to bring anything to the sessions?
Players will need to bring a ball and water.
Who will be conducting the sessions?
Mike Walker (DoC), Stephen Devine (Assistant DoC), and other CVYSA coaches. There will also be other special guests that will attend various sessions throughout the season.
What type of exercises will be taking place?
Ladder activities, plyometrics, flexibility exercises, muscular endurance activities, agility-related activities, endurance-building activities, mechanical-related activities, etc.
Why is Speed and Agility important?
Speed and Agility training is important in the development of coordination, agility, quickness, and flexibility; participants will be given the opportunities to improve and enhance the physical component of their respective game.
What is the age limit to participate?
All CVYSA members are allowed to participate. Participants will be grouped by age and according to their individual specific needs.
What is the player to coach ratio?
8 players to one coach.
How can we sign up and when?
Signup and registration can either be completed online (online registration is preferred method) or by downloading registration form and returning to CVYSA Director(s) Mike Walker or Stephen Devine.
What is the cost to participate?
6 Week Course costs $ 100 per player; 10 Week Course costs $ 150 per player.